The tour can enjoy the Japan Izumisano. Even cooking experience

The tour can enjoy the Japan Izumisano. Even cooking experience






Summer is male
The skillful use of
a toned body

Winter is female
The satisfaction of
a rich inside

27,000 yen
(tax included)
  • Snacks
  • Sashimi (2 plate)
  • Hogushimi salad
  • Salt grilled
  • Salt-and-sake steamed
  • Crab with rice
  • Cold stuff

※We request all customers to order one course per person.
Please refrain from sharing a course with several persons.

Nishiki Course

16,200 yen (tax included)

  • Snacks
  • Salt-grilled
  • Hogushimi salad
  • Salt-and-sake steamed
  • Crab with rice
  • Cold stuff



  • "Anyway, I want something better... "
    is something we hear a lot
    ※ the price indicates tax included/tax excluded.
    ※ Please understand that contents will depend on our stock.
    ※We request all customers to order one course per person.
    Please refrain from sharing a course with several persons.
Special Chef
Selection Course
43,200 yen(is also available.)


27,000yen(tax included)
※This is a single dish

Also exceptional

Tour information

We'd like you to enjoy Japan even more
with an understanding of
the depth of Japanese culture...

  • Every year, the number of people Kansai Airport welcomes to
    Japan for the first time increases - and we couldn't be happier.
  • We hope that we may be able to offer the opportunity to brush against Japanese culture - if only by a little - to all
    our guests who come visit us at Kappō Matsuya.
    By exploring the market or trying different preparations of Japanese cuisine, perhaps you will be able to further
    your enjoyment of your stay in Japan. It is with that thought that we devised tours.
    Why not take the opportunity to try this special experience?
Reservations With reservations
Please reserve at least a week in advance
We charge a cancellation fee for cancellations on the day of or the day before.
Participation Fee 28,000 yen per person (including food and other expenses)
* This price includes tax
Dates September 2018-
From 11:00AM-3:00PM
Number of participants From 2 to 5 people


1. Meeting
Meeting Location: Kappō Matsuya
We will begin by explaining the schedule.


Fishing port

2. Market Exploration
At Izumisanogyokyoaozora Market, we'll look at and feel fish and experience exchanges with fish dealers.
This is a good opportunity to take in the lively market atmosphere, full of the day's fresh catch.
3. Food Preparation
At Kappō Matsuya, we'll hold a Japanese cuisine food preparation event.
With activities like "Making dashi," "Rolling sushi," and "Arrangement with chopsticks," you'll deepen your understanding of Japanese culture.
  • ~ Flow ~
  • 1. Wash hands and change into a white robe.
  • 2. Look at the state of live swimming crabs for sale
  • 3. The foundation of Japanese cuisine is making dashi. Try comparing the difference in tastes.
  • 4. Try making nigiri sushi. The sushi master will provide detailed guidance.
  • 5. Using chopsticks, make a food arrangement. Once a superb arrangement is put together, it's finished.

Use tools and ingredients you aren't used to.
Slowly, without rushing, give new things a try in an enjoyable way.
We'll take pictures at each location to commemorate the occasion.



4. Food
Afterwards, try the food you made yourself as well as our restaurant's famous "All Swimming Crab Kaiseki Course."
If you have any difficulties in figuring out how you're supposed to eat the crab, don't hesitate to ask!
Every one of us hopes to show you a hospitality that will ensure your time in Japan is never forgotten.



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